Michele Molino

EDUCATION : I was born in Rome and raised in Florence. Moved by my passion for sailing, I graduated in 2005 in Naval architecture and marine engineering.

DESIGN OFFICE : I made my firsts experiences in the sailing field by some of the most important Italian yacht designers, Andrea Vallicelli first, then Massimo Paperini in Rome.

GRAND PRIX BOATBUILDING : It was during my first experience in a yacht design office that I realized how important it was to first understand how boats are built in order to figure out how to design them in a better way. This is how I took part into a few exciting building projects in Spain like TP52 or GP42.

KEEP MOVING! After spending a few years managing a design office in Barcelona, then a Wally’s boatyard in Rome, I came back to Spain to handle the building management of a few other racing yachts (TP52, mini maxi, class40). Nowadays I’m living in La Rochelle (France) where I initially started to work with Bernard Nivelt in 2013 until I finally opened my own design office.

ON MY OWN : Thanks to the versatility I acquired, I can now focus on a project with a much broader scope, from the idea to the construction of each one of its components. Now I’m working with a flexible team of engineers, designers and analysts which I make up and update for each project giving the best quality/budget compromise.

WITH THE CLIENT : Keeping up a human and professional relationship is the very first one of our values. We design together with our clients, focusing on their knowledge and needs.

Michele Molino - Yacht design

Michele worked as in house Naval Architect and Engineer at Longitud Cero and was instrumental in all aspects of the project. Michele was a great help to me in providing architectural drawings and engineering solutions on short notice, often thinking “outside of the box” to come up with a good solution.

Chris Cantrick

Quantum racing

Michele is always paying close attention to our requests. He answers them with great energy and commitment. Each and every time available, he endeavours to give his best and allow us to get the project done with a great sense of detail. It’s a pleasure to work together in such a sound, serious, nevertheless good spirit atmosphere.

Thierry Pellevoisin

Chantier Naval Latitude 46

MIchele and I have worked together on several projects. He is helpful and easy to work with, developing our clients requests in detail. I find he is a solid coworker you can rely upon to follow the client’s requests and standards. He is a team player that understands the importance of communication to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments.

Fernando Sena

Trimarine compositos

Michele’s work during the construction of Alegre was fundamental in linking all the different suppliers, designers and technicians involved, making sure the exchange of information flow rapidly and the problems arising were promptly debated and solved with mutual satisfaction.

Vittorio A. Volonté

Michele’s role in the production of a 72′ Mini-Maxi was key to the success of the project. Working with the designer, engineer, builder and client, his organisational, 3D and language skills helped him keep a very complicated project under control. I look forward to working with him again.

Mark Mills

Mills Design

Michele is a professional. He is able to work in very delicate conditions and with limited tools. He evaluates the differents step of the building process in an analytical and detailed way. He knows the timing and plans according to resources. Our shared experience on Wallynano, in spite of the difficulties and very limited resources, was very good, and I’ll be grateful to work again with him.

Paolo Massarini

Wally yachts

Michele is a serious and committed professional. His experience, expertise and competence coordinating all the parties involved in the construction process have been of great importance in all the projects in which he participated.
Ximo Lopez

Longitud Cero composites

We hired Michele to supervise the construction and design of the first unit of a racing yacht to be built in series. The yard changed owner during construction and his job became more complicated than expected. Thanks to his very good technical skills and diplomatic ability the boat could be delivered in time for her first regattas.
Bernard Nivelt

Joubert Nivelt Design


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