Quantum racing



It’s very interesting to meet the demands of a professional team’s project manager. Everyone asks for personal and specific innovative design solutions for the boat. All these differences multiplied by every detail of the boat make the work of the technical office a very complex one.

Naval architecture: Botin partners
Engineering: Pure design
Builder: Longitud Cero Composites
Technical management: Michele Molino
Construction method: Carbon prepreg/CNC female mould
Length: 15,85 m
Beam: 4,43 m
Displacement: 6950 Kg

Michele worked as in house Naval Architect and Engineer at Longitud Cero and was instrumental in all aspects of the project. Michele was a great help to me in providing architectural drawings and engineering solutions on short notice, often thinking “outside of the box” to come up with a good solution.
Chris Cantrick

Quantum racing