MMW40 – JNA39



Bernard Nivelt and I started with the prototype Lann Ael II (2017 fastnet overall winner) to continue to develop the semi-custom MMW40 with a new designed coachroof and differents arrangement to be a pure racer or a fast cruising boat.

Naval architecture: Joubert Nivelt Design
Yacht design & Engineering: Michele Molino / Giorgio Angelini
Builder: Trimarine compositos / Mestral Marine Works
Construction method: Prepeg glass/ female moulds
Length: 12 m
Beam: 3,75 m
Displacement: 4800 Kg


MIchele and I have worked together on several projects. He is helpful and easy to work with, developing our clients requests in detail. I find he is a solid coworker you can rely upon to follow the client’s requests and standards. He is a team player that understands the importance of communication to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments.

Fernando Sena