The challenge of this project consisted in re-engineering the deck hardware from scratch to adapt the boat to Wally’s needs, consisting in being able to sail by pushing just a few buttons. Designing the boat, together with the boatyard management, was the most challenging project I ever worked on.

Naval architecture: Hoek design
Yacht design: Wally
Engineering: High Modulus
Builder: Cantiere Roma
Technical management: Michele Molino
Construction method: vacuum GRP/carbon female mould
Length: 11,30 m
Beam: 2,6 m
Displacement: 2600 Kg


Michele is a professional. He is able to work in very delicate conditions and with limited tools. He evaluates the differents step of the building process in an analytical and detailed way. He knows the timing and plans according to resources. Our shared experience on Wallynano, in spite of the difficulties and very limited resources, was very good, and I’ll be grateful to work again with him.

Paolo Massarini

Wally yachts