The perfect balance between performance and design

Thanks to our experience in the racing world, we specialize in designing performing, stylish boats for custom and series production

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Yacht design :

We think that a yacht should be a desirable beautiful object, so our primary goal is to combine technical design and style. Listening is what we really need to focus on in order to faithfully translate our client’s desires into numbers and shapes.

Naval architecture :

The most important science behind yacht design. It affects the whole boat performance : the hull and appendages design as well as the stability and the equilibrium of the boat. For our projects, we can run a lot of design and analysis with every technology available (3D modeling, velocity predicion programs, computational fluid dynamics and tank tests).

Marine engineering :

Our main concern is to adapt and solve every technical issue in order to create a design true to the owner´s dreams and ideas ; our experience allows us to understand what he wants and calculate how we can make it.

Yacht refit & modification :

A lot of people think of their boat as « almost » perfect, but to entirely fit what they want, the boat needs to be improved and restored. We’re here to check what we can do on every type of boats and what needs to be done in order to get a safe and efficient boat.

Custom parts design and composite engineering :

We specialize in design custom parts to retrofit yachts such as : rudders and keel, bowsprit and masts, as well as gangways or hardtop completely integrated with the design of your boat.

3D print parts :

The last 3d techniques and materials we’re working with allow us to design more complexes shapes in less time and with a smaller budget. Contact us to discover how easy custom pieces can be created to upgrade your existing project.

Project management :

Our expertise to run a custom project is well-know within the boatyards. We can work all around Europe and handle internal and external teams to get your projects done.

IRC & ORC ratings optimisation :

The knowledge of racing sailboats is part of the experiece of our team composed of skilled sailors. Get some counsel to optimise your boat can help you win races, and if it is worth it, we can discuss about refitting or upgrading your boat.