Alegre III

mini maxi 72’


Due to the complexity of the final product, the most delicate issue was to coordinate the requirements of the main actors, starting with the designer of the yacht, Mark Mills, to the engineer, Steve Koopman. Great attention was paid especially to the prototype of folding propeller unit supplied by Cariboni and to the deck hardware completely custom developped by Stayinphase.

Naval architecture: Mark Mills
Engineering: Steve Koopman – SDK
Builder: Longitud Cero Composites
Technical management: Michele Molino
Construction method: carbon prepreg/CNC female mould
Length: 21,95 m
Beam: 5,4 m


Michele’s role in the production of a 72′ Mini-Maxi was key to the success of the project. Working with the designer, engineer, builder and client, his organisational, 3D and language skills helped him keep a very complicated project under control. I look forward to working with him again.

Mark Mills

Mills Design