Lyra 35

fast cruiser weekender


This fast cruiser concept is based on applying racing boat design principles to enhance solo sailing enjoyment, while also incorporating luxury features usually found in bigger boats for guest comfort. It’s a blend of performance and luxury, aimed at enriching the experience on the water for both the sailor and their guests.


Naval architecture: Michele Molino
Yacht design: Jordi Rizo
Builder: Lyra Works
Construction method: Infusion foam carbon fiber / CNC female moulds
Length: 9.9 m
Beam: 3.4 m
Displacement: 3400 Kg


When designer becomes part of your enterprise and somehow part of your life, When changes are not a constraint if they improve the result, When you find honesty and fair play at any advice you get from him, When his collaborators are so skilled and involved as the chef designer. And when you see day by day that your project is their project and they will stand by you until the end, you can say that your guessed up with your choice.

Luis Alonso Pomar

Lyra Works