Archambault A13



The most interesting aspect of this project was working on a prototype of a series boat for the very first time; our collaboration with the team of Joubert-Nivelt and the Archambault boatyard began with the boat’s design and certification. I then engaged in the project management of the first unit’s construction, optimizing the boat for a French professional sailing team.

Naval architecture: Joubert Nivelt Design
Yacht design & Engineering: Michele Molino
Builder: Archambault boat
Construction method: Infusion GRP / female moulds
Length: 13,25 m
Beam: 4,15 m
Displacement: 6400 Kg


We hired Michele to supervise the construction and design of the first unit of a racing yacht to be built in series. The yard changed owner during construction and his job became more complicated than expected. Thanks to his very good technical skills and diplomatic ability the boat could be delivered in time for her first regattas.
Bernard Nivelt

Joubert Nivelt Design